Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: When Helping Hurts

Do you struggle with setting boundaries in your role as a helping professional or caregiver?

Do you struggle with self-compassion and acceptance?

Do you need assistance with stress management to better manage yourself in personal and professional settings?

Do you supervise staff at risk for compassion fatigue or burn-out?



Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: When Helping Hurts is a guide designed to shed light on the much-neglected topic of compassion fatigue that effects so many caregivers and helping professionals.   This guide can be useful for social services and non-profit organizations committed to preventing compassion fatigue in direct line staff.

You will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win admission to our live webinar on 2.1.18.  More information to follow.

Stay tuned for our Facebook live discussion beginning 1.4.18 “10 tips in 10 days to managing and preventing compassion fatigue. “

To download the eBook free until January 8, 2018, contact Sharise at: sharisenance@vitaminchealing.com

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By Award Winning Author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Sharise Nance

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