Phenomenal Woman on Board!

Your strength is in your character. It is really who you are and what you do when you think no one is watching or listening that defines you. Integrity, ethics and humanitarian behavior are a good foundation to grow on.

In a world that defines women on their appearance and consumption of material things; we should not dismiss the inner characteristics that make us who we truly are.

But don’t get it twisted, being strong does not always mean holding things in and sacrificing your own personal joy and pleasure to assure that others around you are okay. Don’t lose yourself in other people’s pain and misery. It is okay to be as solid as a rock, but don’t become someone’s stepping stool.

Sometimes when life does knock you down…it’s okay just to lie there and rest.


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Marketing and media content development for diverse markets that enhances the image of women of color. To present women of diverse backgrounds and cultures in a positive and more realistic light.

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