Retirement: Not Just from Your Job!

Not just from your job!

When we think of the word, “Retirement” we usually equate it with the departure of a long-time career.

Well, there may be other things that you may need to retire from. You may need to retire from procrastination. You may need to leave your role as being the “go-to” girl.  You may want to consider giving notice to the people that don’t appreciate you.

It is time to retire from an attitude that is holding you hostage to self-doubt and a lack of motivation.

Yes, it is time to retire. Time to take a leave of absence from whatever, or whoever is holding you back.

Go ahead and have a retirement party. Make yourself the guest of honor and you don’t have to have anyone else in attendance. Forget the gold watch, give yourself a big hug and a congratulations on a job well done for holding on to the end, and never letting go until you win!

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