Should Women Lean-In or Step-back?

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We all have heard the buzz – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In:  Women, Work and the Will to Lead, admonishes women to believe in yourself, give it your all, “lean in” and “don’t leave before you leave” – which is to say don’t doubt your ability to combine work and family, thus edge yourself out of plum assignments before you even get it. Great point, right?  However, should career advancement be our primary goal?  Is this advice relevant to women juggling, husband, children, and a regular 9 to 5?  Or even better, single mothers with those same obligations?

On Monday, December 9th, show host, Ola Jackson and our guest, Jennifer Keitt of The Jennifer Keitt Show, based in Atlanta, will examine whether this message is a relevant message for all women.  Should our message be “Lean In or Stand Back”?


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