HomeGirl CEO: Is Your Business Making Money?

Being in business is one thing; staying in business is something else entirely. Staying in business will be determined by how much money you bring in, how much of that you actually get to keep, and how well you manage it.

At the end of the day, business is about “MONEY”.  In addition to business income, you have to also manage your personal finances so that you are not dipping into the business to pay your personal responsibilities and vice versa. Your business bank account is the greatest indicator of how well you are doing. If you are not making money, you have to ask yourself why you are  in business?

Are you simply putting passion ahead of profit? I suggest that you take a serious look at your financial priorities before acquiring any more financial burdens in your life.  If you are simply having an issue attracting customers, or are not really comfortable in the sales field, I suggest you re-evaluate your sales techniques.

Take a closer look at your products or services, and consider hiring someone to help you to market your business.

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