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SwagBags-200x300I am Rebecca McClain, founder of Swag That Bag LLC, an online luxury consignment boutique for buying and selling authentic, pre-loved handbags and accessories. It’s a venture I’m super excited about and honored to share how and why I made the transition from status quo and main stream to forming an “impractical” business that is truly fulfilling.

My passion for designer handbags began over 30 years ago when I bought a Gucci Boston Bag, my first high-end apparel purchase right out of college. This was during a time when Italian designers such as Celine, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and others were unheard of to most in the USA. Gucci and Fendi were the “IT” brands of the day, at least in my metro area. From there my passion for luxury brands escalated to include clothing, shoes and other accessories. Continue reading

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Marketing and media content development for diverse markets that enhances the image of women of color. To present women of diverse backgrounds and cultures in a positive and more realistic light.

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