The Power of a Blazer

I seldom attend a business meeting without wearing a blazer.

A blazer is the workwear staple every working woman should have in her closet. A blazer can turn any outfit into an appropriate working wardrobe staple. The saying, ‘How you dress influences how you feel and how others perceive you,’ is certainly true for blazers: they give off a FEMALE BOSS vibe and instantly make you look and feel professional. A blazer is a key part of that power outfit that effortlessly creates a confident look.

Apart from being an essential work outfit, blazers can also be worn in a variety of ways for different occasions.  Blazers also come in numerous cuts and shapes to flatter different body types and tastes. These are some of the reasons why blazers are so functional today.

Below are a few must-have versions of power blazers:

  • Leather Blazer: An alternative to the usual leather jacket is a more classic and versatile jacket that has the power to give any outfit a chicer edge. Leather blazers are a must-have for every woman. I have had my leather blazer for over a decade and it still has style and longevity.
  • Peplum Blazer: A peplum blazer has a gorgeous curve at the bottom, and it gives a softer and more feminine look. A peplum blazer is just what you need to highlight your waistline.

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