Veronica N. Chapman Helps You Find Children’s Books with Black Characters

Nationwide ( — If you have ever struggled to find children’s books with Black representation, look no further! You can now find them in one place thanks to author and serial entrepreneur Veronica N. Chapman. is a website that makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters. Because the service is truly committed to its mission, the website also highlights other mission-aligned resources that may interest its visitors.

Ms. Chapman, author of the powerful children’s book I Know I Can!, launched in response to the challenges shared by attendees at her book signings.

She comments, “When I first published my children’s book, people would often tell me that they had trouble finding children’s books with Black characters. Early literacy is so important, as is representation in the books our children read, so I spent a weekend designing The next time the issue came up at one of my signings, I was so grateful to be able to respond with a solution. I also really enjoy highlighting the work of fellow authors and entrepreneurs.” primarily lists books for children up to age eight. Authors of books in this category can recommend that their books be included on the platform by using the contact form on the website. And if you have babies in your life, be sure to support this great new service by buying a book, or maybe even a sweet little onesie!

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