When the Entrepreneurial Mom is also a Caregiver

Family UnitBy Ola Jackson

What’s a busy mom to do when she has to run her business, run her kids to the soccer game and run mom to the doctor’s office?  It can be a balancing act that can make a mom feel defeated.

Mom has got to prioritize. Yes, ya gotta let even your family know that you have a new schedule and it ain’t all about them. There will be some changes and everyone is going to have to adapt.

If you half to, call together everyone who has a vested interest in your success and explain your expectations. Give them a reality check on what your new life is going to look like and DO NOT let them make you feel guilty for wanting to do something for yourself.

Your action plan: Make a list of everything that you need to do to make your work life more productive and stick to it. Share your ideas with us.

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  1. Organization is also extremely important. Planning ahead for everyone’s needs is also a key to a smooth , nurturing process. Don’t forget to find your FUN and time away! BREATHE…

  2. I absolutely agree. I would also like to add, you have to first and foremost find your SPIRITUAL BALANCE so that you can be the BEST person and wear ALL of your HATS successfully and with GRACE.

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