Women to Watch – Sonia Booker

Wealth builder, educator, author and speaker

Sonia Booker is one of the nation’s leading “Go To” wealth experts.  Known for her down-to-earth approach, her messages are inspirational and empowering; encouraging people to go from everyday living to wealth building.  Self-determination led Sonia to national prominence, first recognized by Allstate as one of their Top Agents, at the age of 24.  After selling her profitable insurance agency, Sonia transitioned into real estate investing, owning and partnering in several successful and non-successful ventures.  She’s often sought after to speak and has and been featured in numerous magazines, and interviewed on TV and radio.
Her extensive experience in entrepreneurship and real estate taught her the value of building wealth. In her best-selling book, Real Estate & Wealth: Investing in the American Dream, she shares many of her wealth building principles.  Sonia credits her growth and expansion in real estate to her partnership with mentor and friend, Herman J. Russell, founder of H.J. Russell & Company.  Sonia earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, and earned an M.B.A. from the University of Dallas.  She is passionate about inspiring, informing and empowering others by first asking them to define Wealth for themselves. www.soniabooker.com

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Marketing and media content development for diverse markets that enhances the image of women of color. To present women of diverse backgrounds and cultures in a positive and more realistic light.

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