Your Job Search: You Better Tell Somebody

Your Job Search

Your career move should not be a secret. When you know that you are on your way out, whether voluntarily or against your will, it is a good idea to broadcast your intentions to everyone (except your current employer). You will be surprised to know how many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues have access to employment opportunities.

Your employment transition may be a good time to take a life-assessment to find out what you really want to do with your life and how you want to do it. Focus on a career search, not a temporary gig to fill your time until the next short-term vocation presents itself.

Update your resume, research the market (especially your industry), and by all means, network, network, and network.

Oh, and be sure to send a thank you note to every one who has interview you, and any one who has helped you in your search.

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