Your Stylish Ways: Tip of the Week!

Fabric is the foundation for quality clothing.

Before I headed off to college, I attended a 2 year school for fashion merchandising. As I wrote in a previous post,  I believed that I wanted a career in fashion merchandising so that I could take a trip to New York.  I did get a trip to New York via our school and I did work in fashion.

During my studies  I had to engage in the boring task of counting the number of threads in a fiber, then name each thread and memorize them all.   Through this activity I learned the higher the thread count the better the fabric.

To this very day, I can detect good fabric when I see it on the rack in any store. Even though I shop resale and thrift; I seldom compromise when it comes to the quality of the fabric that I select.  Fabric is the foundation for quality clothing.

Because you want to save money, doesn’t mean you should fall short on the quality; if you do then you have not saved any money.

Select fabrics that are seasonal. You can purchase a great wool garment that can take you throughout the year. No need to put everything away simply because the season has changed.

IMG_1258Is there a garment in your closet that works for you all year round?

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